below see level

Sometimes I stop and just observe the current and everything else that either flows with it or go against it.

In that moment of stillness, I wonder why I’m here and if there’s anyone else noticing me in this messed-up world.

I make a splash and see that despite the hullabaloo, I have made ripples. I wonder if anyone will ever be affected by these tiny waves. I know it would be like asking for the moon to believe that it will.

I watch myself sink deeper into the sea.
In a few minutes, I shall be below see level.

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Not Idle, Just Free

I have never had a summer vacation ever since I started teaching. I think this moment is very timely and essential. I will try my best not to waste even a minute of a day. I will do things that I love to do and things I’ve never had the time nor guts to do. I will chase the sun and embrace the moon. I will fall in love and stay in love with myself.