“Aha,” exclaimed the Cheshire Cat. His grin was so luminescent if anyone would ask, I’d say somebody hung two moons that night.

“I knew I’d find you here,” exclaimed the cat.
“– or maybe not,” he mumbled.

“What seems to be bothering you?” he inquired.

“Hmmm.. Well… I was just wondering what becomes of me if I ever disappear from this reality,” she whispered.

“Well… Let’s see. How would you like to be remembered?” asked the Cheshire Cat

“I don’t know. Just, you know — like me,” she murmured.

“Oh please!” he chuckled.
“Nobody is ever remembered just for who they are,” the Cheshire Cat continued.

“You see… we all have different eyes.”

and he vanished ever so slowly
into the
n i g h t .


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flowers for eyes

When people tell me that the world is changing, I often try my best not to sigh or sing a merry tune. Responding with a sarcastic tone has never worked out well for people who have just learned to finally open their eyes.

I look at my world. It looks just as beautiful and sick. I wonder if I’ll ever get to learn how to use my eyes properly.

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