12.08.17 – Friday

Dear internet people of the present and the future,

I have been dragging my ill physical self to work for more than a week now. I have not had the chance to take a sick leave because of the many things we had to accomplish. But as mere mortals, our bodies are destined to just betray us at one point despite our efforts — mine did. I had to claim two sick leaves and had to go back to work today even if I have not completely recovered.

Today’s classroom scenario with my grade 3 boys:

Student 1: Hi! Are you feeling better now?
Me: Well. . . yes, but I’m still not completely okay.
Student 2: Then, why are you here?
Me: Because you have a test today and I’m worried for you guys.
Student 3: What? You shouldn’t be worried! We’re ready for the test.
Me: Okay! Cool. Is everyone ready for the test?
Everyone: YESSSSSS!!!
Me: Well, let’s start then! Bring out the materials you need for the test.

Half of the class: . . .
Half of my heart: . . .

Half the class: It’s not with me. It’s in my locker. What materials?
Me: This. is. why. I’m. worried.

Student 3: . . .

But I surely missed them — my sweet little boys.



Off to Third Grade~

It was always hilarious how my kids would try to surprise their peers or their teachers when it was their birthday. Lights closed, you could hear hushing sounds and spurts of giggles while they wait. In my mind, I would always exclaim ‘Aha! Another failed but cute surprise’.

There was this one time when they made a surprise for me for no reason. Lights off, I knew what was coming. When I opened the door though, I had huge balls of crumpled recycled paper hitting my face. It felt like I was being ambushed. But it was their surprise to let me feel how grateful they are. I had to swallow the urge to scold them. To be honest, it kind of hurt – the huge crumpled balls of paper hitting me from all directions.

Between us teachers, their surprises were always cute stories to tell. We knew that the school year would end with even more failed attempts to surprise. But during the farewell party, while we were eating and while I was smoldering each child with all my hugs, there was a surprise being organized unnoticed. Imagine that. I only found out about it when  I was preparing to go home and I opened my bag and saw my bag  filled with their letters of thanks and drawings of me.

I love you kiddos~ I am and will always be proud of you!

❤ forever,




We read Margaret Hillert’s Just Me poem today.


It was fun talking to them about uniqueness and why it is important to embrace one’s differences. We also talked about how we should treat others knowing that everyone has their own preferences.

I guess you could say that I wasn’t expecting much insight from them. They are in third grade and (based on previous experiences), I know that understanding the message of poems is quite a challenge for them. So when my student told me that the ‘skin’ the author was talking about in this poem is actually someone’s personality and that trying to copy someone else and not being yourself  would just  be weird , I was just blown away.

I realized how much these kids have matured and just how much I will be missing them.

I love you kiddos! Go and amaze us more~

🌠 イサベラ

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