I just came from the most beautiful and meaningful spiritual activity I have ever encountered. A place where one was invited to be a better person for others.

Having been schooled in religious schools all my life, I have developed a sort of aversion towards retreats and activities wherein you need to conform to a certain religious standards. I’ve gone sick of being wronged for doubting and questioning. I was mostly already a doomed soul for people when I tell them that I want to understand deeper that’s why I was questioning.

But those two days and a night of spiritual growth activity was just beautiful to the point wherein I felt empowered. It was always hard for me to marry the idea of religion and spirituality. It still is and I am still in transit but I am just so thankful of how this was accepted without judgement.

In the end, I realized that I guess sometimes we just have to meet and get to talk to the right people.


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