whilst I wait

I silently shift from my seat and watch as the things my feet had collected over time escape leisurely. Why must I be the pit stop of leaves and withered flowers whilst I wait for you?

What else can the wind ferry off to me?

I see a woman’s umbrella almost answering my query. The wind blows a neon pink candy wrapper at the mercy of my feet. I pick it up and watch little pebbles attempting to sway to the wind’s serenade. I beckon the wind to bring me more things.

It rolls a discarded plastic bottle close enough for me to pick up. I grin. What an amusing game this is!

I wait for more things and close my eyes. I urge my ears to listen.

I hear a young lady’s voice tremble with desperation. I hear a balloon pop and a child’s frenzied laughter. I hear the gentle chimes of tiny bells.

The wind has brought fragments of life to me.

I hear the familiar tapping of shoes. In my mind I see her walking toward me and wait with my eyes still closed. The wind brings her closer to me. I smile. She smells of lavender soap and a light musky perfume.

What are you doing? She whispers this into my ear.

Waiting. I answered.


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