Vague Strips of Blue

Sky blue is me missing you. I miss you loads. I do not want bother you guys through my petty requests like keeping me safe and helping me teach my students well but I always do. I always do. I sometimes feel like you guys are the only ones who can help me. I love you both. I am forever grateful. The sky is always above me.

Royal blue is the glitter on your palms. The kindness pulsating in your veins. The generosity of your heart. Gratitude flowing endlessly.

Midnight blue is when time stands still. When the world is dead and the wind is free. This is how I will keep you in my heart. This is how I will remember you.

Powder blue is what I lost and what I might never find. Bubbles dance and die incessantly.

And I

(forgive me. I will wrote better than this.)


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