The Damned and the Doomed

To make sense of the Chaos, we have classified things in groups – eating habits, habitats, species, race, religion, personality, sexuality, gender et. cetera…

We have provided boxes of different materials and in different colors. We made borders – where to stand and how to talk and how… just how to live properly and deny Chaos in the process.

In the course of Time, we – pathetic we, realize that the boxes are strange. It does not protect us from Chaos. We – the same pathetic we,  break them apart only to build the same boxes… with different labels and in bigger more accommodating human-friendly boxes.

But… the Chaos still remains.

In fact, with all our attempts to wipe it out, we have finally reached the point of damnation – the realization that we are weak against this Chaos. That we are and will always be destined to lose against it. We are but ants in the face of Chaos.

And Chaos, does not even bother to laugh at us. We are ants.

I say we abandon ship. Hold my hand and be like Chaos.

🌠 イサベラ


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