rain and what it means to me


rain means the sharpening of senses.
cool winds beckoning me back to bed.
cuddles and warm coffee mugs.

rain means no time to do the laundry – at least not for today.

rain means the wind chimes coming to life
and magic -ah yes, magic.

rain means washing away worries and dancing with Inner Peace.
rain means soaking shoes and damp hair.

hot baths or cold…



3 thoughts on “rain and what it means to me

    1. I guess I have never thought about dream analysis; nor do I have much knowledge on dream interpretation. I feel that in dreams though, if they do have meanings, you have to consider the other factors of the dream… like did the rain make you feel happy or scared? Or as my brother would put it, rain in your dream only means that you have to go to the bathroom. ha ha ha

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