bottles of shells

it felt nice to be out here with the rumbling of the ocean water as my playlist; the sand on my feet. and for a moment i enjoyed my  well-deserved peace until i heard a tiny voice that surprised the soul out of me.

if you wouldn’t use that empty bottle, i would be more than happy to take it with me. 

i surveyed her. she had this white sundress on and an over-sized sunhat. she had auburn hair and eyes the color of grass that just bathed in morning dew.

she showed me her hands to stress her point. in her hands she had bottles filled with shells.

i see. if you want, i can give you more empty bottles so that you could sort and organize your shells.

she smiled at me. i could see a tooth missing and her eyes glistening.

i don’t need to sort them. they’re all just the same anyway. they’re all empty shells. 

🌠 イサベラ



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