perhaps we can find a well

When you cannot be bothered and when you find yourself immersed in a project where you shut off people, look at the sky and think of how the Businessman, in a planet somewhere, looked somewhat all too similar.

When you feel like you’ve never seen the sun set nor the moon light up the pavement as you walk home, remember that the Geographer, will always sympathize with your woes.

If it is too much of an embarrassment,  call the drunkard and find comfort in an acquaintance. Try your best to forget. Forget. How you killed the Vain Man only so that you could replace him and be King.

Think of these when you can no longer see with your heart and when you’ve fed the Fox to the hunters. Think of these when your mind is an asteroid of baobabs.

Think of all these and try to listen for the little pelts of bells of laughter from one of the stars and hope that you are not too far away from being saved.

🌠 イサベラ


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