laugh a little

capricorn. the stars. palm lines. tarot cards.

I once read a post that questioned the depth of people who waste time on trivial things. I laughed a little thinking how and why I was being frowned upon.

The thing is,  we, as part of the human race cannot avoid but waste our time on things we fancy. The only difference is that we like different things. And we deemed it upon ourselves that the things we waste time on are superior to others’.

I waste my time on writing in my planner, looking up at the night sky and the morning sky, sharing hugs with my wee ones, conversations with people I love, quiet mornings with a cup of coffee, lazy afternoons on the bed, long baths, and …….

The list is long but I do hope that we, as part of the human race, not limit our perception on the value of people by trivial things like this list of things I fancy.

Much love,

🌠 イサベラ



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